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.458 SOCOM Triple Shock X in 50 cal MuzzleLoader

emilywildemilywild Member Posts: 6 ✭✭
Hey I have heard alot about using .458 diameter bullets with harvester crush rib sabots in .50 cal muzzleloaders. Would the barnes .458 SOCOM Triple Shock X with a harvester crush rib sabot work in a 50 cal muzzle loader. I have a 1 in 24 in twist barrel and 28in long. I plan on using the new white hot powder at 100 grains (2 pellets) or 150 grain (3 pellets) my gun is brand new and says it magnum 150 grain charges are handled with ease but not sure about that with the white hot powder. Any Ideas comments would be appreciated especially from those who know alot more about this than me. Thanks
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