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Good starter kit for Hawken cap

KodiakkKodiakk Member Posts: 5,582
Bought a 50 cal Hawken percussion. I'm pretty confused on what to buy start shooting it and I don't know or trust any gun shops near me to get me started on the basic supplies without trying to sell me stuff I don't need. I don't need anything fancy to start out with. I'll be using it for strictly hunting.

Anyone got any links to decent starter kits?


  • allen griggsallen griggs Member Posts: 35,139 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    I have killed a lot of deer and hogs with that same rifle.
    Use .490 patched round balls and 80 grains of ffg black powder.
    I used the pillow ticking patches from
    You need a brass powder measure.
    I lube the patches with Old Zip patch lube from Dixie, it is the same mix the pioneers used, works great and smell good too.
    Made of mutton tallow.

    I'm inferring that this is your first muzzleloader.
    Shell out 21 bucks for the Lyman Black Powder Handbook.
  • tomahawktomahawk Member Posts: 11,826
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    get a few speed loaders..they are plastic and will keep your charge ball and patch ,and cap all together...they are cheap and 3 or 4 can be carried while hunting

    my .50 likes 92 grains of ffg black powder, no 11 percussion caps. i make my own patches and soak them in crisco shortening , melted ,that i hock from the wife

    so in essence

    .490 balls,powder, #11caps, patches, speed loaders, powder measure,nipple wrench and pick, and a small screw driver.... cram all this into some kind of pouch and your ready[;)]
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