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End of Trail

Gideon WalkerGideon Walker Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
Going to EOT next month. This will be a first time for my wife and me and I we are excited about going. Taking a Class A Motor Home.

Any and all suggestions about the week would be welcome. Timing, entertainment, RV stuff etc.

Yes, I have thoroughly read the web-site. I am looking for first hand knowledge from those who have attended.

Dumb Question . . . . Gun Cleaning each day. Is there a place when this can take place. Not sure I want to clean in the Motor Home.

I also understand that picking up brass is not allowed. So I would gather from that that brass from rifle is left but pistol brass can be dumped at the unloading table and kept - Yes?



  • Mort4570Mort4570 Member Posts: 472 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    yes, pistol brass is yours to keep,only rifle brass and shotgun hulls are left after ejection. I suppose if u shoot a double you could snag the hulls,but it'd be more time on the clock than it would be worth.

    I"m thinking you are in for a whole lotta fun !
  • Frontiersman101Frontiersman101 Member Posts: 3,259
    edited November -1
    I wen't last year in New Mexico. If Bob Munden is doing a show, go see him. He had some hip trubble last year and had a hard time, but it is amazing what he can do. There is alot of tallent there. Have a good time. Also take some pics and post them here when you get back.
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