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45 Colt Shortage ?

melkormelkor Member Posts: 191 ✭✭✭
Is it my imagination or is there a current shortage of 45 Colt. I have a bunch, and wonder if now is the time to list some ? I also have lots of 38-40 , more 44-40 , 32-20. I realy don't pay attention to CASS have been collecting Colts and shotting full house loads and reloading for a long time and I used to buy about 1000 a year if I shot them or not and now I have alot ! HA !

Or By the Way I have done a number of 9 powder tests and I have found that Colts , and I mean only Colts, for all others I have no interest in, Shoot best with a .454 250 round nose lead, with either titegroup or Unique. Titegroup is not case sensitive, but Unique the opposiie I still can shoot better with at 8 to 8.5 grains. Anyone have a favorate load. Not wimp load ?


  • machine gun moranmachine gun moran Member Posts: 5,198
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    I've used 231 and Unique in the .45 Colt with 250-gr roundnose bullets, and I finally settled on 9 grains of Unique as my standard load. I've fired over 10,000 rounds of this load in an early 3rd-generation 7 1/2-inch gun. I also use the same charge in a short-barreled 38-40, with a 180 grain bullet. I've tried 40-grain charges of 2F, for fun. These are not weenie-loads and would probably get you ejected from a CASS event faster than having horse manure on your boots (LOL!), but I followed my grandfather's philosophy about decent revolver loads. His favorite phrase about that was, "Let 'er buck". [:)]
  • melkormelkor Member Posts: 191 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Yes 9 grains of Unique is a Good load but I go with 8.5 for the pistols sake. I really like Unique try it. It was tough to get for almost a year
  • Rex MahanRex Mahan Member Posts: 529 ✭✭
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    do you have any 32 40?
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