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Remington New Model Army ( reserve parts )

StradivariusStradivarius Member Posts: 51 ✭✭
Hello again boys ( and girls ), i have a little problem here. I usualy buy my "stuff" from Dixie, but right now they do not have what i need in stock ( Remington Rev hand & spring - Art Nr: TP1535 ). My spring just broke of, and i am hoping that someone can tell me if Petia ?r Uberti Remington New Model Army parts will fit an original Remington New Model Army 1858.

I have one more question. I seen that Dixie even sell the spring loose without the hand ( Art Nr: TP 1230 ). On one of my other revolvers ( Whitney Pocket cal. 28 ) the spring is also broken, and i am wondering HOW ! dose one go about changing THE SPRING ONLY ?. ( if i can get my hand on one for eany of the 2 above mentioned :o(

I am very greatfull for eany answers/tips :o)

Kind Regards

Anthony in Sweden


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