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COLT_45_SAACOLT_45_SAA Member Posts: 13 ✭✭
I found a rare USFA Rodeo Sheriff's Storekeeper model
that doesn't exist on the USFA website. It had a very
limited run of only 50 guns in the matt black finish,
in 45 Colt, and actually has a ejector and housing
with a short 3 1/2 inch barrel.

The one thing about this gun.....
It was my understanding that the ejector
housing on all that were made had to be removed
to take out the cylinder due to the shorter barrel
length, However.......................on my piece
it has a "factory" housing that allows the ejector
to go underneath the cylinder pin so the cylinder
can be removed without removing the ejector housing.
I have been told it could be a 1 of 1 and is absolute
completely a factory original gun.

I think it might be currently a one of one as well
and all the other guns run of this limited edition did
not have the special factory ejector housing according
to the factory issues itself. Absolutly a killer gun
and love it. I have searched the net and have maybe found
one other but not sure yet. The gun doesn't show up on the
USFA website anywhere as well, although it's absolutely
factory and not custom per my conversation with them.

Anyone know about this gun? I would post a picture as
well if I could but I see no option for it?


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