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B.P.Rifle Powder

AQUAINFLAQUAINFL Member Posts: 48 ✭✭
I just got my first black powder rifle.It is a .50 cal.Hawken ,using #11 caps.My question is.I've been shooting b.p. c&b pistols using pyrodex pistol powder of which I have several pounds.I know i should use the pyrodex rifle powder in my new gun.What would happen if I used thye pistol powder in it?Would it be safe to shoot[?][?][?][?][?][8D][?]


  • mbsamsmbsams Member Posts: 1,076 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    "thye" pistol powder???? if you mean pyrodex "p" its fine and usually shoots more accuratly than RS in my Hawken 54. Hodgdon lists the appropriate charges for muzzleloaders of all kinds. If "thye" means something else - sorry
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