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colt new service

domnickdomnick Member Posts: 25 ✭✭
I recently bought a colt new service at an auction(stole it)[:D]in 45LC, great action, but, someone put a ramp[:(!] and shortened the barrel. [xx(]Now it sort of looks like a Python on steriods. Was this a common practice? serial number says a 1931 model.[:D]


  • BergtrefferBergtreffer Member Posts: 629 ✭✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Congratulations on the New Service. I bought one in a local gun shop several years ago. Said gun shop is locally known to be "the high priced guys". But I found the New Service in one of their cabinets and one of the grip panels was broken. Hence the price was actually reasonable, especially as far as that gun shop goes. I snapped it up, drooled on it at home, and snuck it into my safe so the wife didn't see it. It is a .45 ACP version. I researched the WWW and found a business in Nevada that deals (exclusively I think) in Colt parts. I contacted them and purchased a brand new, old stock set of grip panels for my Colt.

    I would have to spend a bunch of time looking through old receipts to see if I still have paperwork on those new grips. If you can't find that Colt parts supplier on the WWW, please contact me and I'll look through my old receipts.

    It is quite possible tht that store in Nevada would have a new barrel for your New Service.

    BTW, the problem with the New Service hand grip really is a structural one. Colt only used one screw to hold the hand grip panels to the side of the gun's handle. The grip screw goes complete through from one side to the other. There is not internal spacer to fill the gap or voide inside the hand/grip. Consequently, over time, the grip panels begin to distort and pull inward. The grip panels become loose, and the owner has to snug the screw a little tighter. Again after some time, the panels distort even more, become loose, and have to be snugged up at the screw again. Eventually the grip panels become visibly distorted, concave looking and it becomes more and more difficult to keep the panels snugged up and tight. To cure that after I got my new grip panels, I made a pattern of the inside of the grip handle. I then got some sheet plastic, laid the pattern on the plastic, and cut multiple layers of the plastic to build up a core inside the handle. I then used model building solvent to glue the pieces together, layer upon layer until I had a solid core that fit into the metal handle. Then I drilled a hole through for passage of the grip screw and then mounted the grip panels. I haven't had any more trouble with the grips becoming loose. It is a simple fix and I am surprised that Colt never took care of that at the factory.
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