45 vs 50 cal Hawkin for deer hunting

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Thinking about going black for some extra hunting. I would prefer the 45 cal hawkin since I have 2 molds for that cal. Is there a major disadvantage to the 45?


  • allen griggsallen griggs Member Posts: 32,935 ✭✭✭
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    The .50 has more power.
    I have killed 7 deer and 6 wild hogs with the TC Hawken in .50 and the killing power of that round ball is phenomenal.

    But, the .45 will kill deer and hogs, no doubt.
    Are you talking round ball or elongated slug?
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    100 yards and under, the deer won't know which caliber killed him.... only down side to the 45, around here, is the lack of accesories in the 45 cal, wally world and the like only carry 50 cal. for the most part, also the guys I hunt with all use 50, which makes it easier if you need something in a pinch in the field. Either will do the job you need though.
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    quote:Originally posted by allen griggs

    Are you talking round ball or elongated slug?

    I have a maxi ball mold so I would start with that.
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    I have a TC Hawkin in 50 caliber and a TC Cherokee in 45 caliber. Both will kill deer and hogs but the Cherokee is about 2 lbs lighter. At my age 2lbs is a lot.[:D]
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    IMO the differance on dear size game is very little out to hundred yards. After that the 50 has big advantage. I can tell you that a renegade T/C 50 cal will bust a deers but at 125 yards with ease. I have two nice 8 pointers that would agree if they still had the heart that took 385 grain 50 thru it.
    I would love to find new barrel for mine as it now fouls out about every 5th shot but then again its had lots of lead put down it and not always cleaned as it should have been. Hey I got it when I was 11yo and still on slack side gun care wise.
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    I love my Lyman Great Plains Rifle in .54 with a round ball. Awesome!
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