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Recived a cylinder stop that bolts up in 36 cal 1858 new model navy and action will work moving lock by hand and thumbing the hammer to full cock. but will not work when stop spring is bolted down, hammer will not pull back but only 1/8" . works good without spring pressure. Has anyone had this problem. Are there any instructions that detail 1858 action for tune? thanks bgraypup Almost there but now having troble seeing what makes lock go down in half cock?


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    Armi San Paolo 36 cal. new model navy frame under cyl has mark, PN, AC. has 320 under cyl pin 320 under left grip. I bought this in a non working condition the hand, cly. stop were warn bad, outside aperance looks good how can I check to see if the warn parts are original and correct parts. thanks bgraypup
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    On recent post I got info on replacing parts 1858 rem. revo.got it to work but lock goes down and comes back up before going into the half way setting. does any one have drawing of these parts in each setting safe, half way, and full back. thanks bgraypup
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    Hope this helps.
    VTI is a great place to buy parts, call them up they are very knowledgable.
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    Remington revolvers don't have a lead cut into their locking notches like modern revolvers so it's better for the lock to drop early and avoid overshooting the notches. S&W does this on their revolvers.
    It's good to polish the the lock and thin the lock spring to minimize scratching the cylinder.
    I cut lead ins to my Remington lock notches for reliability.
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