sharps 50 cal cartridges

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can the sharps 50-90 be fired in the sharps 50-140 guns..thanks


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    The simple answer is yes a 50/90 can be fired in a 50-140 without a problem other than the fouling. Its the same as shooting a 22 short in a 22 long rifle chamber.

    If you do this, and I can understand why as I once owned a 50-140 Sharps, realize you will be skipping that 50 caliber bullet a looooong ways just to get to the rifling. Don't get riled if you accuracy leaves a little to be desired. On the other hand I regularly shot Silhouette with a feller you shots 45-70 shells in a 45-110 chamber, he doesnt set the world afire but you know he does much better than you would think.....

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    thanks just bought a remington replica rolling block in 50-140..i guess i could also short the powder charge and take up space with wadding
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    My response to that is a firm "Well Maybe".

    Using fillers is probably as safe as it can be with a straight walled case like the 50-90 or the 50-140.

    Can you ring a chamber by using filler? Yep you sure can, I have seen this done on a brand new rifle.

    "Will" you ring a chamber using filler? I have seen many, many rounds fired with filler that didn't ring a chamber.

    At one time, and still amongst many many shooters it is believed that by using filler with a reduced powder charge, you are creating a barrel "Obstruction" Thus sometimes this results in a Rung Chamber. As I stated and while I have never done this as I always shoot a case full of powder, I have a friend who shoots a Shiloh Sharps 1874 in 45-90. He does shoot 45-90 brass but use's the same wads he loads with just a stack of them to take up the case capacity differnce from his 45-70 loads. This way the bullet is seated in the right place for the 45-90 Chamber but the powder load is reduced to 45-70 levels. I attend at least 2 shoots a month with him as well as practice. I am sure out of this gun with this load he has fired hundreds and hundreds of rounds down range maybe even thousands. There never has been a problem and this 45-90 rifle shoots like a house afire, it is very accurate with this 45-70 load.

    Be aware that if you load a large capacity case like the 50-140 with a reduced powder load and then use filler----There is the Possiblity of having some trouble.

    Maybe you should do some research on Rung Chambers, and educate your self before you try this. There will be "NO" problem with the 50-90 brass in that 50-140 though.

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