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What sells Better

Layne12gunLayne12gun Member Posts: 178 ✭✭✭
While I have seen this done what sale approach sells better in the cowboy action market. guns seperately or selling the guns as a package deal such as two hand gun and rifle compos in the same calibre



  • swopjanswopjan Member Posts: 3,292
    edited November -1
    if you sell them together for a little less than if you sold them separately, you'd probably get a buyer. i've never sold though, so i ccan't say for certain.

    i will say that sometimes i throw in "pair" or "set" into the search bar and see what comes up, good deals that way, i'd be more likely to buy.
  • sjstewartsjstewart Member Posts: 3 ✭✭
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    I sold 2 vaqueros and a rifle at the same time in individual auctions on Gunbroker. I think I made $1300 between the three. ANd one had no grips. They were my first sales and went first go 'round. My best suggestion is run a featured auction, bold print and pick a color. Gets your stuff at the top of the list and the color makes it stand out. Use green or blue (red is to common). Put up a thumbnail photo too. And then figure out what the least amount you'll take for it is and run a No Reserve auction. Maybe even start a little under what you'll take to get them biting. Nothing drives me crazier than somebody that starts bidding at $.01, throws in a Reserve and couples that with a Buy Now option. WTH? Don't try to get new prices for used. What may be special to you, doesn't mean squat to a potential buyer. Be realistic. Write up a good description, not just some "Ruger Vaquero, .45 Colt" bit. Sell the sizzle, tell them what a great gun it is and why they should own it. Be honest in your description (the good, the bad and the ugly), give them no surprises. Got stuff to throw in with it? List it in the description. Sweeten the pot. Plenty of pictures. And remember, most of us are looking for a good deal, and I do the math. I reach a point where I figure in the auction price, shipping and FFL Fee's (sales tax for us too)and when it gets to the point where I can buy a new one for not much more than what someone wants for used, well, I back off and go buy new. Unless it's something I can't find or really, really want. I'm not a large volume seller, maybe a little over 3 dozen sales, but I've only had one item not sell the first time. But it sold the second time. And word your "title" so it gets more hits - include all the goodies so if someone types in a part of the title, it shows up.
  • Layne12gunLayne12gun Member Posts: 178 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Thanks for the heads up SJ sounds good ill get my stuff posted soon.. Thanks to everybody..
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