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Remington New Model Army made by Witloe Precision

bprevolverbprevolver Member Posts: 153 ✭✭✭
I wish to express my thanks to the members of this forum for their help in locating information about Remington New Model Army revolvers made by Witloe Precision Inc. of Collingdale, PA., and those produced by R. T. Lane. Over the past fifteen years I have posted on all forums I could find seeking information and wanting to buy Remington New Model Army Revolvers made by Witloe Precision Inc. or R. T. Lane. As a result of these postings I have been able to locate twenty three Witloe revolvers of both 2nd and 3rd Generation. I have started a registry of these revolvers and would like to add anyone that may have one of these or of someone who might own one.

I have been able to add six of these revolvers to the RPRCA collection but still need pictures or to purchase the Grant Model with steel frame and the Lee Model with bronze frame. The ones I have are well used. Contact can be made through the RPRCA email at:

[email protected]

Again, thanks for the help over the years.
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