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World Championships Cowboy Fast Draw

andrewsw16andrewsw16 Member Posts: 10,728 ✭✭✭
This will be held in Fallon, NV, about an hours drive east of Reno, this week 29 Sept - 2 Oct (Thursday - Sunday). The event will be held at the Churchill County Fairgrounds, on the south side of town. Admission is free. Come on out and watch the fun. A lot of these guys and gals are so fast, if you blink, you miss it. It should be a lot of fun. Anyone in the area should stop on by. [:D]


  • andrewsw16andrewsw16 Member Posts: 10,728 ✭✭✭
    edited November -1
    Great competition in Fallon, NV. Surprisingly enough, this year the grand championship went to the youngest winner ever, a 14 YEAR OLD BOY shooting under the alias of Oregon Ranger. That kid was amazing. Lightening fast. I think he went the whole four days undefeated. [:)] It will be very interesting to see how he does in a few more years when he has some experience under his belt. [:D]
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