blackpowder pistol recommendation

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I am totally new to blackpowder, but I have a lot of general firearms experience. I am wanting to get a BP revolver pistol for target shooting and deer hunting. I would like perhaps to do a cylinder conversion later to allow use of the cowboy cartridges. I want a stainless pistol with adjustable sights, 7-8 inch barrel length.

Any brands/models recommended, or brands/models that I should steer clear of? Caliber recommendations?


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    The only pistol that meets your criteria is the Ruger Old Army .45 caliber. It is also the best. Other considerations would be the reproduction .44 caliber Colt Walker and Colt Dragoon. Modern sights or fabricated sights could be put on for accurate shooting. These revolvers are the minimum power levels I would consider for deer, holding 40 - 50 grains of black powder. I would highly recommend reading the Lyman Black Powder Handbook. Good info on safety, loading and ballistics.
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