jp sauer.

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anybody know about jp sauer revolvers? i have a old 357 mag revolver marked jpsauer and sohn, made in germany. white and brown grips. action is real tight. i'm guessing 80-85 percent. anybody know any history, and value?


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    Value is not high, $200-$250ish. Quality is great, I've got an old J P Sauer Hawes US Marshal like yours in 357 that is smoother than a school marm's thiegh. Anything that J P Sauer bilt is guality stuff, thier single action revolvers just don't have much resale value.
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    also to consider is an Arminius revolver...old guns single action special from the 70's said the were very well made and most parts were interchangeable with first gen colt...but had no real collector value...got several along with sauer/hawes nib...a pair of silver city marshalls
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    I once bought two of their SA's, one of them in .44 Mag. I wasn't set up to load .44's yet, so I went to the hardware store for ammo. The only thing they had was Winchester JSP's that came in 20-round boxes, so I bought two boxes, and fired all 40 rounds. It was a real boomer. When I got home, I couldn't readily get the cylinder pin out. When I finally did, I discovered that the pin had been expanded right where it engaged the cross-nut of the pin release, so that it was almost a press-fit. I cussed the Germans for using pin material that was too soft.

    A week later, I was reading a gun magazine that Elmer Keith wrote a regular column for. Keith was the father of the .44 Mag, and he was commenting on the Winchester .44 Mag ammo that came in 20-round boxes. He said that this was carbine ammo of really high pressure, and that he wouldn't use it in any Smith or Ruger .44 Mag that he had. And my J.P. Sauer had just ate 40 of them, with only some metal displacement at the cylinder pin notch. It was the only time that I ever heard Keith say that there was a load that he was afraid of, LOL. I shot the gun for about another 5 years with Lyman loads, without any problems.
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