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Old designs and modern materials

machine gun moranmachine gun moran Member Posts: 5,198
Uberti offers their 1873 Carbine replica in .44 mag. That represents a way-overloaded 44-40, but apparently the design, when made of the right stuff, can handle it.

When the 1876 was new, Winchester took one in .45-75 and succeeded in working up to a load which finally put the gun out of commission, ruining the bolt and blowing the sideplates off via a case-head separation. But it took 204 grains of powder with a half-dozen .450 Martini bullets lodged in the throat, to do that.

It all makes me wonder what one of the modern-made .50-95's with solid-head brass and smokeless powder, could do. Where's Elmer, when you need him [:D]?


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