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Starr .44

circleicirclei Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
I purchased from my wholesaler a high quality .44 black powder double action revolver. I have never fired it or taken the to figure out how it works. Does anyone have experience with the function of this double action revolver? This is a high quality reproduction.<P>

The Starr Model 1858 Double Action Revolver allowed the user to fire a chamber without first manually cocking the hammer. The 1858 DA was a .44 caliber 6-shooter whose design failed to meet Army specifications for a barrel longer than the 1858's 6 inches. The 23,000 produced were purchased, due to war conditions, and Starr then produced the Model 1863 Single Action Revolver. With an 8-inch barrel and fewer parts to break, the 1863 production of 32,000 was almost completely consumed by the military. Both models were manufactured in Binghamton and Yonkers, New York. The large numbers of Starr revolvers purchased by the military is only surpassed by the Colt and Remington companies.


  • swopjanswopjan Member Posts: 3,292
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    Duelist1954 on youtube did an informative video on loading, assembly/disassembly and firing the double action Starr. He's the editor of Guns of the Old West magazine and also frequents The High Road and The Firing Line forums under the same username.
  • 44caliberkid44caliberkid Member Posts: 925 ✭✭
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    Do a google search, there is lots of stuff, forum posts, articles and video about the Pietta Star reproduction. There are also lots of good originals still out there to buy and collect, even a few cartridge conversions.
    I have the single action version repro. They came in double action and single. One problem these had was an ignition problem caused by light strikes on the cap. Some people remove material from the inside curve of the hammer, because it hits the frame before it hits the nipple. Others wrapped a single strand of copper wire around the base of the nipple to make it taller when screwed into the cylinder. I solved mine by finding a slightly longer nipple, I think it was a Tresso, and now it fires every time.
    Another problem mine had was the take down screw was cross threaded from the factory, so instead of it just being able to remove with the fingers I have to wrap a piece of leather around the head and loosen it with pliers.
    Lots of these are still around and can be found NIB on gunbroker quite often.
    The Star repro is one of my favorites. It looks unique, shoots to POA and is very accurate.
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