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I have a plan to embarrass liberalism

SoreShoulderSoreShoulder Member Posts: 3,120 ✭✭✭
edited November 2020 in Politics

First, we read the center-to-far-left social media to find what the left really wants when they are talking to one another, instead of putting on a responsible face for the masses. Then we create a platform that they really resonate with.

If you just said "everyone gets paid $30 not $15 and work is optional" and "white males have to change jobs with the minorities they've been oppressing as soon as we can pay them to go to college" people wouldn't take you seriously. Even if they literally want that, they know we're not there yet. And, you'd offend the moderate Liberals if you went too extreme. You would need someone who could put together a deal that works for the majority of their side.

Then you wait for a time when conservatives have been in power for a few years and liberals are angry and conservatives are complacent, and get your guy elected.

What kind of candidate do you run? Liberals won't feel he believes in his platform if you ran a true conservative who felt deep down inside he was faking them out. But let's say there's someone who wants to be our leader but is wrong for the job because he's too privileged and never learned to play well with others, You could get him to defect and run for president as a liberal candidate for the Democrat or Green or Socialist party just to break our hearts. You could also pick someone who had proven too proud or brain damaged to do a good careful job listening to his lawyers and staying within his bounds.

If he got elected, he would get precious little legislation passed or executive orders enacted which would garner enough respect to not be quickly defeated when he left office. Plus, the measures he became associated with would forever be associated with the memory of a petty tyrant.


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