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EU to Discuss Gas-Price Caps, Derivatives Halt Amid Crisis

serfserf Member Posts: 9,217 ✭✭✭✭
edited September 2022 in Politics

Putin is losing the war and he is pulling out all the stops and energy supplies is the biggest one coming! Bet on it! The E.U. could well break up before 2024 elections here!


Europe is fighting to stave off an energy catastrophe that’s threatening to become an economic, social, and even financial crisis. Nordic authorities moved this weekend to bolster the liquidity of utilities struggling with collateral requirements, saying there was

a risk of a “Lehman” moment. ??

Europe Sinks As Oil And Gas Soar On Russia, OPEC+ Doubleheader

European stocks slumped and the euro fell Monday as the region’s worsening energy crisis guaranteeing a stagflationary recession for European, added to risks for a global economy already facing high inflation and a wave of monetary tightening.

Gazprom announced its decision to cut European gas after Group of Seven leaders agreed to implement a price cap on Russian oil as the Kremlin continues its war in Ukraine. Natural gas surged more than 30% in Europe and nations there could roll out special steps at the end of the week to rein in power costs. Germany plans a $65 billion package to shield consumers.


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