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"Thor: Love And Thunder" not as bad as I thought

yoshmysteryoshmyster Member Posts: 19,954 ✭✭✭

I didn't understand why Jane went as Thor. I thought Thor was Thor. I know the "power" of Thor could be transferred if "worthy". I didn't think the transferred "power" came with the name Thor.

Spoiler Alert...

Anyways the movie didn't have jeff goldblum (yay). The screaming goats were funny. Christian Bale (unrecognizable) was good (in the Gary Oldman territory). Russel Crowe being Shatner-ed in to the golden armor speaking "Faux Greek" is bad (as in not good). Weren't there any real Greek to play Zeus? Unless Russel has Greek in him?

Jane "Thor". I was expecting Disney to go all in with "girl power Thor" but it wasn't as bad as "captain marvel". Man that movie was sad.

Zoe Saldana "Gamora" wasn't in the cameo. I guess she didn't wanna sit in make up chair for 4 hours for 5 minutes of screen time?


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