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Rep. George Santos Thoughts?

DerBarbarianDerBarbarian Member Posts: 289 ✭✭

I've read several interesting articles on this newcomer, none of which paint a very flattering picture of him, he claimed to have multiple college degree's, a masters, etc. Yet when several reporters reached out to the colleges he claimed to attend they had absolutely no record of him ever attending those schools. He then  claimed to be a Wall Street financier and investor, yet representatives from Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, where he claimed to have worked said they had no record of his employment. To top it all off, now he's claiming that his grandparents survived the holocaust. Which several genealogists along with the holocaust museum say that there's zero evidence to back his claim up.

What truly vexes me, is why you would lie about these kinds of things when it's so easy to debunk them. It's one thing to embellish your resume a little, it's a totally different thing to make the above mentioned claims. Anyways, just thought I'd see what your thoughts are on the matter.


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