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Time to go to the big pasture

dpmuledpmule Member Posts: 6,652 ✭✭✭✭
edited January 20 in General Discussion

Just put one of my Pards down.

”Little Man” a coming 25 year old Qtr, Foxtrotter cross, foaled at home and died at home.

He was a great horse, broke easy, never had a buck in him and one of his endearments to me was that I roped and doctored a calf on his third ride and he acted like he’d been working a calf on a rope for years.

There was horses that were faster and some that could pull more, but He had a great travel, smooth lope, reined like he had power steering, great attitude and a warped sense of humor.

He had been off a little of late and this last cold snap of -20, he was having trouble getting up, like his hips and stifles were bothering him, so I decided not to let him be in pain. I bedded him in looking to the sunrise and the mountains that had a lot of his hoofprints in them.

Adios Little Man, enjoy that belly deep grass and cool water, you earned it.


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