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I have defeated the heat.

NotDraconNotDracon Member Posts: 66 ✭✭

Once upon a time, there was a little Dracon who wanted to play physically demanding games (airsoft) outside with friends, but had to stop after every match because the heat and humidity of Puerto Rico were just too much to bear. Looking online revealed complicated mechanisms and inventions that promised relief but were too intricate or expensive to attempt using.

Until one day, I found it.

The item that would keep me cool on a hot, humid day.

Gunbroker forum members, I present to you the Qore Iceplate.

What is it? It's a hollow "bottle", ESAPI-shaped, that goes in the pouches a regular enhanced armor plate goes into. You fill these with water up to a certain point then freeze them overnight.

Once it's frozen, you just slip it into your preferred plate carrier and put the vest on. And there you go! If you bought two, like me, you're now sandwiched between two chilly "batteries" that help absorb your body heat and keep you cool.

The literature says they'll stay frozen for about 2 to 4 hours, but my first outing with them on had them last the full 4 hours. To say I'm satisfied is an immense understatement. I love these hollow bottle plates and thank them for helping me enjoy the outdoors again.

By the way, they make a sort of straw tube so you can drink the water from it as it melts but it was too expensive for me at the moment and I just wanted them for personal cooling anyway so I bought them without. Just wanted to mention that.

Have you been struggling with the heat recently? Maybe these things are the solution to your woes. You don't specifically need a plate carrier vest- anything that has pockets for a ESAPI plate will work. You could even wear them as-is by buying some straps and securing them to your chest and back.

I LOVE these things and wanted to help get the word out + share my joy with the others, so hopefully this doesn't come across as advertising for someone else. If it does please let me know. I'm just so happy that these plates exist, I wanted to share that with you guys.


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