How do you catch

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Set up & bait?


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    I have used a small crappie jig on the end of a rod/reel. I just move it back and forth about 2 inches over the frog's head and if I got the color right or have been able to match what is flying around, the frog will usually grab it.....
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    Got in the water and hand caught them. For some reason, approaching them from the water rather than the shore made them hold in place rather than jumping away.
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    take a red piece of cloth or red tape on a small treble hook and just put it close enough for the frog to see it. the frog will do the rest. they will attack, even chase it sometimes and make a barking sound when they jump.
    it's a real hoot man you'll love it.
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    If you want to hook-n-line them the hard part is spotting them to make a presentation.

    I've used small crappie jigs - just get it right in front of it and instinct takes over.

    When I was a kid, I used to hunt 'em at night with my Crossman BB gun.
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    Gig 'em at night.
    What's next?
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