is FFL123 real?

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Looking for input if this guide is for real. I'd buy it, but instead of giving a link to buy it I got more pressure info.

I'm looking to building AR niche rifles for fun...then selling them


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    Woody, they have been around a long time. But there is not really a need for them.

    I am NOT a Dealer or Manufacturer (and what you describe is manufacture) I am an 03 FFL Collector, but have just a little knowledge of the FFL regs. Enough to be dangerous.

    First, to be licensed s a Dealer or Manufacturer, you must intend to "engage in the business" of selling and/or making guns. There is no magic number- it is defined as devoting time and attention to making a livelihood. Yes, can be part time. Cannot be "just for fun".

    Second, you must be able to show you are in compliance with State and local law. Do you have a premises that will meet zoning requirements for retail business or manufacturing? If you are planning on doing this in a Residential neighborhood....Houston, we MAY have a problem.

    Finally, look up ITAR. It is an International Trade regulation that would likely apply to you as a manufacturer, even if you do not plan on International sales. It is pricey. Also, a Manufacturer must pay excise taxes on each gun they make. THAT is what put Ithaca out of business- tax man got them.
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    Hey Woody!

    Sorry for the delay in a reply, forgot my username, been awhile.

    FFL123.com has indeed been around awhile, we have helped over 70,000 customers over the last 10 plus years. Most customers start an FFL from home and this location as a home based FFL can create several obstacles, which we help you overcome. We help you determine which FFL License type is best for you, we help you determine which structure to use (like in your name or in an LLC, etc.), we help ensure you complete the correct paperwork correctly, we prepare you for the ATF visit, we help you setup with FBI to do background checks, we help you connect with our inside contacts at largest firearms wholesalers, we help you with compliance issues so any ATF visits will be welcomed.

    I honestly don't think we have had a customer not agree that the small price for our service is worth the peace of mind and time saver!

    We have currently have 8 FFL's in six different states and have tons of industry insight into getting the FFL, maintaining the FFL License, and making money doing so.

    We also have example letters to help you acquire ITAR registration exemption under the scenario you described.

    Brandon L. Maddox, Owner of FFL123.com & Owner of Dakota Silencer
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