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One more question Does any one know how I can deprime a primer so they dont go off I want to make up some dummy shells for my holster when I have it up on display would putting them in oil stop them from maybe going off you guys be lots of help I really thank you Ed


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    Can someone explain why it is near impossible to get pistol primers and some brands of powder?

    I understand a lot of resources are going oversees to support our troops.

    Is this the only reason?

    Thanks ,

    Mark J
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    WD-40 will kill em dead! [:p]
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    WD-40 will kill them, but some have said that it is NOT permanent. Never having tried it, I can't say. One fella I know puts primers in a covered cast iron fry pan, open side up, and cooks them off. Primers look OK but no chance they can go bang again! Emery
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    Light motor oil or WD 40.
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    Many years ago, using a Lee Classic loader, I discovered that when seating a new primer into the case, if I continued to tap after the primer was seated it would sometimes go off. The first time it happened it startled me but did no harm so I just punched out the primer and installed a new one more carefully and continued on.
    Recently, my brother bought a Pieta non firing replica to use as a wall decoration and asked me if I could make him some dummy rounds to put in the loops on his holster belt.
    I was going to use some of my .45 Colt brass and leave the fired primers in, polish it up and install 200gr. L RNFPs but I thought about how obvious the fired primers would look so I got out the old Lee Classic, grabbed some polished and primed cases and went to work. Wearing a glove and eye safety I put the cases into the base and gave the priming rod a sharp tap with the plastic mallet and set off the primer, gave the case mouth a quick wipe to remove the residue and put in the bullets.
    I'm sure some of you will consider this an unsafe practice but I was confident that the safety methods I employed were sufficient since whenever I had done it inadvertently I was not wearing a glove and no harm was done.
    My $.02.
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    Propane torch with MAPP gas then touch up with a rag wheel and jeweler's rouge.

    Be sure the case mouths are pointed away. Did this to make a .50 BMG dummy, those are big primers.
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