Ammo Incompatibility

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I have seen a list of dangerous ammo mixing sometime ago on the web.

It listed bad mixes, like putting 300 savage in a 308, etc. Now I can't find it by googling.

Might someone help me find that?


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    If its not what it is chambered for, you are running a risk.

    Easier to define what can be safely used in other chamberings, like 22 short or long in a 22 LR gun, 38 spl in a 357, 22wrf in a 22wmr, etc. It is a much shorter list :)
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    I am not chambering any wrong ammo. I am after the web link to the article which shows dangerous mistaken ammo chambering.
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    That's it! I wanted to put some warning stickers on my shelf items where those conflicts exist. I have enough different calibers now that it is time to do it.
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    Editquote:That's it! I wanted to put some warning stickers on my shelf items where those conflicts exist. I have enough different calibers now that it is time to do it.

    That can't hurt, obviously, but you're probably better off just making sure that you only load the appropriate ammo into the appropriate guns. IE, just know what gun you are loading, and what ammo you are putting into it. Don't mix different types of ammo in the same box (particularly not incompatible types!) and don't leave ammo in unlabelled containers.

    Its really not that hard.

    As a suggestion, in any case of possible conflict, you might consider only taking out one caliber to an outing at a time. (EG, if you're going out to shoot 12 gauge, then leave all the 16 gauge ammo AND guns at home).

    As another suggestion, if you have two calibers that are REALLY likely to cause a problem (ie you have two similar appearing guns in two similar-appearing yet dangerously incompatible calibers), then just GET RID of one of them altogether.

    quote:Originally posted by Tailgunner1954
    Will this one do?

    9mm NATO is unsafe in a 9mm Luger gun?

    While that might be true in some older guns, I think as a general rule, it isn't.

    My understanding is that just about every modern manufacture pistol nominally chambered for 9mm luger is perfectly safe with unlimited amounts of 9mm NATO pressure ammo (itself roughly equivalent to 9mm+P), including Glock, Beretta, Smith and Wesson, SIG, Ruger, etc.

    Edit #2: .38 Super in 9mm Makarov gun? Yeah, I suppose that would blow up the gun, but I don't know how you could get a .38 super to chamber in a Makarov gun, even if you wanted to.

    I think there are other dangerous mis-combinations that are more realistic and more dangerous. For example .38 supers can fit in places they shouldn't (IIRC, .38 long colt) and cause a BIG mess.
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    That list actually seems kind of foolish to me. I guess I don't understand what kind of idiot is going to try and put a 30 carbine into a 17 Rem. Just like we teach the kids in Hunter Safety. Look at the barrel for the chambering, and look at the bottom of the cartridge for the type. It's not that hard.
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