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Where can I find parts for an exposed hammer double barrel 12 ga shotgun marked New Ithaca Gun Company SN 92513 A12?


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    You probably will not find parts anywhere for your old Ithaca. Based on the serial number, it is either a Crass or a Lewis Model that was manufactured circa 1903/04.
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    Doubt it, but here is your best bet. I pasted what they do from their home page. Notice they have a dates of manufacture link.


    Parts & Repairs for the Ithaca Mag-10, Ithaca Model 51, and Ithaca Model 37.

    Specializing in ITHACA GUNS with 28 years experience as Ithaca Gun's Head Gunsmith.

    Professional restoration of Ithaca Gun Company products.

    Repair, service, restoration, and custom gunsmithing.

    ATA recommended and factory trained on the repair & restoration of Ithaca's Flues & Knick model Single Barrel Trap Guns.

    Factory trained on all SKB models imported by Ithaca for repairs & restorations.

    Copies of original owners manuals available for most models with downloadable manuals available soon!

    New Stocks and Forends for old doubles and single barrel traps. Repair, and refinishing available to keep it in original condition.

    Much historic knowledge of Ithaca models. Want to know the year of manufacture? Check out our NEW! Reference Center

    This small shop is dedicated to quality with an extensive network of former Ithaca Gun Company employees.
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    Thanks guys! I'll check out these sites.
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