value of double barrel shotguns

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Another question for the experts. I have 5 double barrel shotguns and I would like to dispose of them but don't know what they're worth. I'm in my late seventies and struggling with cancer treatments so any help you can give me would be appreciated. I bought a couple books to learn the value but the books contradict each other. I have a Savage 12 ga. double barrel Fox Model B in excellent condition. I have a Savage Springfield 20 ga. double barrel Model 511 in real good condition. A Stevens Savage 12 ga. double barrel Model 311A in good condition. A Stevens Savage Model 311M 12 ga.
in good condition. A Stevens Savage 12 ga. double barrel Model 5100. I also have an old Remington l600 ga. double barrel. I can't find the model but the serial # is Q370928 in fair condition. I know this must be very, very old. Thanks for your help.


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    The value of each one of your Savage/Stevens shotguns is in the $200 - $400 range. The Savage Model B will be at teh top end of that range, and the other guns will be nearer the lower-end. Will need to know more information about the Remington.
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    A picture of the Remington would be very helpful.
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