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I have been searching for a holster for my Ruger SP-101 without any luck. My problem is that all holsters that I have found for this gun are for the 2 1/4" barrel, but mine is the 3" barrel. I need a holster that will fit inside my pant waistband at the middle of my back. Anyone have any idea where I might find one?Thanks!


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    Try Bobby Goza at 10-32 supply, he makes the best custom leather holsters. His website is www.10-32supply.com, email him just for inquiry. Tell him Lee sent ya.
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    Try Bianchi. I have a Shadow II holster for my 3" SP101, works well.
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    You may not believe this, but I like tomake my own. I have found that it is possible to run across good leather cheap, ;like in a garage sale. A leather shop can provide the clip for your belt, you can add velcro or any other device you want. Just get the leather thread, a big needle, and a really small impact hole punch or leather punch. Then make the thing fit you and the gun exactly the way you want.And gee, you don't make anyone else rich in the process. The sp 101 won't fit a pocket like my kahr MK, so inside the pants or shirt is necessary. I have one too, and I really like it big time, except for the slightly too big size. Deadly accurate and dependable.In short, I really find I enjoy making custom holsters for my carry weapons. Its a neat tv watching hobby.Hope that helps.
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    GMusick....drop me some e-amil. Have a question about your name.
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    I don't have your email addy... send one to me at [email protected]
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