Browning Hi-Power

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Hi, Look at completed auction 274719828. I bought this on the spare of the moment on my way out the door for work. I thought is was a Browning Hi-power and a guessed around the mid to early 70's production. After the fact I asked the guy where it was made and he said Brazil? Now I question what I bought. this may teach me to avoid those impulse buys.


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    Need close up quality photos of all markings and serial number for positive identification.

    You got to be careful with these guys on the auction, many will just use a stock photo off the net, rather then a photo of the actual pistol. It could be one of the Argentine made H-P's, and this guy didn't know or care about the difference. If it is a Argentine you got screwed.
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    His pictures are very dark, but it looks like a HP with adjustable sights, that look factory. Look at auction 274841113 to see a better picture of one. The price you paid is very good, if the condition is like said.
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    Good news for me. I e-mailed and asked if he was sure on the Brazil. He went and doubled check and said he was wrong it was Belguim. So much for memory, they both start with B. dcs, that is what I thought when I seen it. Wood grips and the spur hammer looked right and the owners manual pictured look right for the age. I thought, but I don't really know anything. I'm much happier now!!!
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