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does anyone have experience with the savage model 29 miss fire problems? sometimes the firepin strike is strong,other times,during misfire,the firing pin strike is weak,,, in other words,its incoinsistant?


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    Being an older rimfire rifle, it could be several things.

    I would start with a good cleaning, meaning a complete takedown. Rimfire's, are some of the most dirty and fouling cartridges, and the 22 Rimfire's especially. There are several types of bullet lubricants used, which can, and do build up in the breach area of the action. Our normal solution, in the old days was to give it a squirt of oil, or WD-40. That in turn attracted more debris. Then, in time that would harden up.

    Next, check the chamber mouth, to see if it is dimpled from repeated dry firing. That could prevent a round from fully seating, allowing to slightly move forward when the firing pin strikes, leading to a light hit, and lack of detonation of the priming compound.

    All easily done, when disassembled.

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    I had a very early model 29 years ago that had the same problem. I found that when it would fire, the bolt would jack open. The receiver was beat up where the bolt would lock up normally. Tried a weld repair and machine down with zero luck. ending up giving it to a friend that had the same rifle to use for parts.
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    They have schematics for 29 B and C also.

    +1 for take it completely apart clean and lube everything. When I come across your symptom, my first guess is broken firing pin or crud build up. Also try some other ammo.

    Look closely at the end of the chamber, where the firing pin would strike. Dry firing will peen the metal into the chamber, causing feeding and or extraction issues. The correct repair is to flow it back with a mandrel. Bubba would remove the material, sometimes resulting in misfires because there is no backing for the firing pin strike.
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    Outwardly the Mod. 29 looks like a good rifle. The action is a very simple design. I found the lock-up to be inconsistent, probably from wear. If the bolt is not positioned properly to receive the hammer strike then what you describe happens. You may be able to rework the camming surfaces of the slide and bolt by welding and fitting. I got rid of mine.
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    i say the barrel pin after a while gets loose allowing the barrel to move slightly reducing the FP strike
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