FFL-Ammo Dealers. Question on cheap 12 GA

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I stopped at our local sport shop, mostly an ATV dealer, but he sells guns and ammo.

I need some cheap 12 ga trap loads for prairie dog hunting.
Walmart is $4.85 for Federal. Cabella's is $5.54 for Herter's.

This guy is $9.45 and when I pointed it out that he might be scaring customers away, he said he could not buy for those prices.

Just what is wholesale and delivery on a small store order these days?


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    I usually buy my target 12ga for about $4.50ish a box. He may not be set up with some of the distributors or buy groups to can sell them for that, that is usually a show price or promo sale price. I just looked at the one distributor I buy the most from and they are about $5.60 a box for Federal Top Gun right now just regular cost. If he doesn't have good volume he is probably on their bottom pricing tier so he might pay more.
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    At least he has it. If you need a box of shells local you pay local price for the convenience, or do without. If it was me I'd buy a box from him now and again just to help him out.

    It's not often I need to buy shells when I'm out, but if I do I pay what ever the local place is charging and am glad they had them. In South Dakota I've bought shells out of gas stations at 2-2.5 times the price I could get them for at Wal-mart. But they had them and I was thankful. Unfortunately here where I live (Southern Indiana) it's rare you find a small place that even stocks any type ammo at all. It used to be common to see a few boxes on the self in a station or small grocery, not anymore.
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    12 ga for "PDS" ??????
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    When you have 4 of them standing side-by-side 20 inches apart, you do not pull out the CZ452 or the Ruger Mark III. The CZ is sighted for 100 yards with a scope and you miss at 35 yards.


    Took 127 today and about 25 were with the Savage Fox Model B.

    Great Gun, BTW.
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    I buy a few cases at a time at the shop..Paid $54 a case so $5.40 a box is the best i can get them for as a 30+ years i n the business FFL.
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