U.S. non-essential personnel to evac India

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I'm listening to Fox news,and they just reported that the fed has
ordered an evacuation of all non-essential diplomatic personnel
from India.Sounds like it's getting serious over there.


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    Whats going on over there, I quit watching the news when Isreal was throwing a big hissy fit over that church. and now that summer vacation is here for the kids, getting to the TV is quite rough, we have satalite and them brats have taken it over.
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    How is it that third world h***holes get nuclear weapons?

    Misplaced priorities I guess.

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    Nunn, sadly, a lot of resources are put into such things, all around the world. I'd submit it is not a real productive use of such, no matter the size & GNP of the country involved. I'm not criticizing us or others for building them as a deterrent, but life would be better for everyone if there were not the need for such a deterrent.
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    History repeats itself ,read the Mahavantara...(Epic of the gods)
    it's the same stuff all over again and after 24,000 years Modejodaro
    stratum still have so much cesium 137 to kill someone in less than 10 minutes ......

    Read my prior postings On Intelligence ....The WARNING I made in this forum to US ... In repect to TALIBAN creating a nuclear HOLOCAUST in the area . I think I will repost ......

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    Nunn....you've sure got a point. Two nations, neither of which can manage to feed or educate their populace properly, spent billions to become "nucular powers".

    These two irresponsible nations now have nuclear warheads, and the means and will to use them.

    Talk about idiocy!
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    Lets face it folks. The only solution is one world government with ME as it supreme ruler.

    Now, everyone, repeat after me - 'HAIL PELICAN'

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    And what a noble bird it is
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    If they are non-essential,what are they doing there anyway?
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    Buddy, what they be doin' there is costin' us taxpayers a bunch of money while they ain't doin' poop.

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