My first AR-15 type rifle

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The other day I won an auction for my first AR-15 type rifle, a Bushmaster 20" target model! It's a post-ban with a chrome-lined barrel and chamber. I'm excited, the only other rifle I've shot like this is my brother-in-law's Colt pre-ban, which costs more than the wife is willing to overlook at the moment.

So, what can I expect? I don't care if it'll cut down a tree or if it's the best SHTF weapon, either.

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    Very nice. I used to have an HBAR and I hear the Bushmasters are very good guns. I think you can expect quality, and a very pleasant shooting experience, and they're built to absorb recoil straight back, so not a lot of muzzle lift, I'll bet. Nice buy. Give it a light cleaning when you get it. Be sure you're getting a manual, or you can probably download a PDF of somebody's AR manual online. If not, I may be able to scare up my old AR manual as I didn't sell it with my gun. (I loved the gun but needed the money.)

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    It looks like you have a fine looking rifle there!
    I have a few suggestions. Get a Harris bi-pid adapter that fits in the bottom of the front handguard. You have to take it apart to install it but it works great and it won't get in the way when you aren't using the bi-pod. Get a shorter version of Harris bi-pod. I use my benchrest model the most. This will have you set up for some real steady, accurate shootin'. Learn how to use that A2 rear sight.
    After you spend some time shooting at 100 yds with 55 or 62 grain bullets go for the 69 grain and have fun shooting longer distances. Don't waste your money on those rinky dink little scopes that fit the AR. If you spend enough time you'll have yourself a fine weapon that you will be able to shoot accurately out to several hundred yards with IRON SIGHTS! This is the route I have taken with my Colt H-Bar, and I have more fun with it than any other rifle I own. (I bought two versions of those scopes that I mentioned, a 4X and a 3X9, sold one for half what I paid for it, and gave the other one away.)
    Have fun with your new AR!!

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    I have a bushmaster A3 shorty,trust me you should love it.

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    Offeror, thanks for the offer for the manual. The rifle isn't actually coming with one but the fine folks at Bushmaster are sending one out to me free of charge!

    I'll give some thought to that bipod, Sodbuster, thanks. The rifle is used and actually comes with a scope and a b-square mount. I would like to become proficient with the iron sights anyway, though.

    I also got a few hundred 55 grain FMJ and ballistic tip cartridges, that's the lightest bullet the AR-15 owner's guide from Fulton Armory recommended. My local ranges only go out to 100 yards max so I think the lighter rounds will get some good spin with a 1 in 9 twist (hopefully, with good accuracy).

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    Rebate coupon? Do tell.....I've been looking at Bushies for some time now.....


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    Looks just like my first AR.

    If I'm wrong please correct me, I won't be offended.

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    concealedG36----You better have more than a few hundred rounds,trust me I know.

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    Save your pennies and get an adjustable trigger, then a free floating handguard, then a flat topped upper then a ...................etc.
    It can be a hobby in itself.
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    I got the shorter version and put a gilmore red dot on top its a blast. Red dots are good for fast target aquisition and moving targets. We fill water balloons and freeze them hang them from tree linbs and swing em. They explode pretty good and it gives a nice visual effect... Get a cheek riser, scope rail, and a compact scope and enjoy...

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    I have the ultimate AR-15 accessory that explodes much better and much cooler than water baloons. Click me to see them.

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    concealedG36----You better have more than a few hundred rounds,trust me I know.

    "It was like that when I got here".

    4 wheeler is right the last time i went to the range i burned threw
    300 rds. 30 at a pop just don't take long at all

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    If you really get into it, and you will, you can expect to go broke buying different uppers (7.62, .22lr, a plinker.....), cases, ammo, mags, ammo, lasers, ammo, mounts, ammo, lights, ammo, scopes, ammo, rings, ammo, tools, ammo,...........But it's a blast and the most fun toy in the safe!!!


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    When I first got mine from LTS, I ran into a problem with the current production "White Box" Winchester- The stuff made in the USA wouldn't cycle the bolt, I then tried some Isreali Made "White box" Winchester and it shot fine. It also swallowed PMP, NATO, Black Hills FMJ, JHP, and SP 55Gr stuff just fine.

    Bushy's are an excellent rifle and after the break-in period mine will hold some really nice groups, my last was about 1.5" offhand, at about 175 yds.

    I have the XM-15E2S with the 20" Heavy Bbl, A-2 upper, Trij Iron Sights, and a Mini-Y Comp. I also replaced the A-2 foregrips with A-1's, because I like the feel of 'em better-Have fun with yours and remember that part of the fun is accessories and customizing to fit YOUR personal needs.

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