Are my priorities screwed up?

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I had a choice:

New rifle or new fly rod.

I chose the flyrod.

For the price of a new Browning A-Bolt Meddalion and Leupold scope, I bought a new Sage RPLXI flyrod and Lamson Litespeed 3.5. Now my next gun purchase won't be for about a bazillion years.


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    I'm ashamed of you! Go play on that fly fishing board

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    Fly rods or guns. Two good ideas - either one is fine.
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    Thanks, Daddo!

    They way I figured it, it would be pretty hard to shoot striped bass with a 30-06, you know. Far better to appeal to their stomachs with a nice Clowser's Deceiver.
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    a nice Ugly stick with a penn 4500SS reel works well for me. Either choice is a good one. Hunt 1/2yr, fish the other 1/2.

    A great rifle with a junk scope,....is junk.
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    Yes they are. Coulda got the rifle and a canepole. No point in spending a lot of money to sleep on a river bank.
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    when is castaway coming out with their 7'6" 22-250 now that would be a true combo!

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    Redleg-- Not a bad choice. There's very few things that compare to the sound of a fish stripping line off of a reel.

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    Hey, sometimes the range is too crowded where I shoot, thats when I head to one of the lakes and fish. I'd say you made a good choice,
    a guy needs some peace and quiet now and again...

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    quote:Are my priorities screwed up?

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    Redleg. you made the wrong choice. You can always shoot carp with a rifle but you'll never land a whitetail with a flyrod. Leaders are too weak............
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