Batteries do blow!!!!

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Heard it but never seen it till now. This blew in my shed about 3 weeks ago. Glad I was not in there when it went.

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    Was it just sitting on the ground when it went or was it in something? Good thing you weren't around.

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    Thats a first for me.Was it hooked up to something? Or just sitting there?

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    I had a battery blow while I was standing on a piece of heavy equipment, I got acid on my face and in my eyes...hurt like crazy! ever since then I have a new found respect for batteries!

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    I had my truck & trailer on the boat ramp and when I hit the starter, it blew. Had to pull the battery out of the boat to get the truck off the ramp and back home.
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    I heard that all batteries explode eventually.

    If I'm wrong please correct me, I won't be offended.

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    I seen a battery blow at the shop one day. Battery needed a charge so was hooked up to charger and when charger was plugged in it blew the top about 20 ft. in the air. No one hurt. I believe the potential is greater on a battery that is low.

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    I have had several batteries blow up over the years. Never had one blow up spontaneousley(sp) though. Improper procedure and loose connections are the main culprit. It does not take much of an ignition source to ignite the hydrogen gas being vented from a lead/acid battery

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    I had a Battery blow-up between my legs.
    I was riding my 6 volt 1956 Panhead and the battery is directly under the seat on a ridged frame. The seat must have somehow hit both posts (positive and negative) at the same time.

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    Jump-starting my old '51 Chev 6-volt off my buddies '57 Ford 12-volt and blew the whole side out of my battery. Sounded like an M-80 going off. Had to ride around the rest of the night drinking beer in HIS car.

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    A few year back racing those little R.C. cars was pretty popular in our neck of the woods. I was racing one weekend and had one of those batteries blew up while I was charging it. No one was near it but it made quite a boom, and there was not much left of the battery.

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