what's retail on BH .308 Match?

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Stopped by a gunshop on the way home from work today. They had 20rd boxes of Black Hills Gold Match .308. I think it was 168 gr. They wanted $21.21 per box. Just wondering what price people are seeing in other parts of the US?


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    I used to have a Stoner SR25 that really liked Federal Gold Match, which is also 168grain (Sierra HPBT Match), I think they were $18 a box a few years ago, recently I've seen it by the case for $325 per 500 rounds.

    Sorry, but I dont know what the BH is selling for, but I'd look for a case discount ...

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    I did ask about the case but they said they couldn't go any lower. So at that rate, $21.21 x 25 = $530.25. Ouch!!
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    You might try Cabela's for Black Hiils ammo.I buy mine from them because I can't find it locally.I pay less than $17.00 for 168gr moly coated match .308 and am about to buy more because it has provided me with the best groups yet in my Savage model 12BVSS. One day I hope to start reloading,but until then it's the best I can find.

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