Gangs and Guns

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Call me paranoid, but I think this could be the beginning of the Media Bliss on the AWB ending in less then 4 months. This is on ABC Tuesday at 10:00pm EDST.

The TV Guide actually list the name of the Program as "The LAPD confronts Gangs and Guns".

Should I wear my Tin Foil Hat or do others see it too?
(I hate when I have to Edit my Post to add ONE LETTER to a word because of not rereading my Work).

Peter Jennings Reporting
60 mins.

The journalist spends a year with police on the streets of Los Angeles and witnesses the gang-related violence that poses a daily threat to the Southeast section of the city. Included: interviews with Chief William J. Bratton, community activists, residents and officers in gang units.

sniper1.gif Remember...Terrorist are attacking Civilians; Not the Government. Protect Yourself!

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    Just to be safe wear the hat!


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    personally I would double bag it just to be safe

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    Ruger, I don't know about the tv show but lots of GB'ers will be lining up to ban gun ownership of any kind by any gang member unless they waffle on their position re the recent Alabama restriction on gun ownership. Surely more folks are shot and shot at by gang members than by folks hopitalized for psychoses and neuroses.

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    quote:Should I wear my Tin Foil Hat or do others see it too?

    Wear gold, makes for a better connection [:D] [;)] [8D]


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