anyone here use the smartcarry holster?

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just curious if anyone uses it and if so what are your thoughts.



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    no one? wow...maybe not many people are familiar with it?


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    I did a search and this is all I found....so I'm resurrecting this topic.


    Thanks, in advance!
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    not too bad for real little guns: ppk/s, baby glock, maybe the real small .45's. anything even medium sized wont be comfortable, unless sitting down is absoultely not an option throughout your whole day. try putting a medium to large framed pistol in this setup and then sittin g down. ouch for the guys

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    Got one in medium size. It does a good job of concealing a Glock 19 or Chief Special or cash, passport etc.
    They were made in three sizes.
    I was sold on them at a gun show when the, then company owner whipped out two full sized 1911s. This must have been in the mid 80's.
    The only down side is for people like me who have narrow hips and need to have a tight belt to keep their pants up. It makes for slow access to the pockets of the holster.
    It also makes a good money/valuables belt. I've used it in Europe and South America for that.
    In the medium size at least there is no problem in sitting with a Glock sized pistol.
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    Consider the fact that I will be carrying a Springfield Armory XD9 3" subcompact 9mm, or a Beretta 92FS Compact L Type M 9mm...and whether or not I have narrow hips--35W 32L pants, mostly dress pants and a tucked in shirt--figure I'd gain access by lifting the shirt to expose the holster.

    For those who are using the device, and recommendations on color shoice since most of my dress shirts are cotton and light-medium colors (white, lt. blue, green, beige, etc.)..?

    Is the security pocket worthwhile? Wondering how much bulk it adds to the holster. Would definately come in handy for travel.

    Thanks for the feedback!!
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    The gun is below the belt line hence, tight belt = slower access.
    Mine is the original blue denim. It has four layers of denim. The rearmost cloth layer looks like diaper material. It's pretty well padded
    and maybe a little warm for hot climates.
    The rear wide pocket is handy for bills and passport but it does add two thicknesses of material.
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    I use "Thunderwear" (basically the same thing) when wearing sweats or shorts but don't like it at all with jeans or other more rigid clothing. I carry my Glock 29 in it... It does a good job concealing the firearm however.
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