Will illegal aliens be boycotting emergency rooms

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That would save the taxpayers a few million dollars.


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    ...yeah, and since the illegals in the emergecy room are there to get their bullet holes plugged up, after Pedro busted a cap on him...and to get their guts stuffed back in, after Jaunita sliced them out after catching Cocheta in bed with him, it may not go so well for them, aint no way their going to stay away from a hospital....[:D]


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    Dawnie will be going to work at the emergency room in the morning. I will ask her if the illegals stayed away.
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    I really hope so!!!
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    they will be boycotting the schools in LA, the district has told them to go protest and be....illegal
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    If only they would boycott the gas stations! It would give us a good idea how much less fuel the U.S. consumed if all the illegals went back home.[:D] Not to mention social services, health insurance, fish & game, etc.
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    quote:Originally posted by CLINTF
    I really hope so!!!

    But what if Maria starts to have labor pains or Pedro sprains a ankle walking in the march?
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