Today, I lost the Best Friend I ever had,

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As most of you guys know , my wife and I rodeo'd for several years, we also raised Aust Shep Dogs.
My old dog as I called him was named Cheyenne Gambler Little
He was born 7-11-1992 He left us this evening about 6:30 4-30-2006
He had a very full life an was the Best friend I ever had, he could work cattle, gaurd the property, served as a papa dog to 4 litters of puppy, some of which can be found on major ranchs around the US & some moved as far as Germany. He Grand fathers on both sides were ranked as the #1 & #2 Aust Shep. in the world by ASCA. Both were champion show dogs.
Cheyenne was also shown & never placed lower than 2 in any class, an won Best Puppy at the St Louis, Mo {Troy,Mo} ASCA show.
Lately Arth. had set in an he could barely get around , the last couple days he couldn't stand with out my or barbs help.
We set up with him round the clock for the last week, as we felt the end nearing and did not want him to be alone. He had 2 pups here at the house, Lakota who is 10 now & Riggin who is 9
Cheyenne's youngest pup, Buck, passed away Jan 6th of this year.
I'm not sure how much more I can lose without going insane.
For you all that have never known a true friend such as Cheyenne, I feel truly sorry for you.
My wife Barb, hernated a disk in her back & is set to be operated on this week in Columbia, Mo. so when I buried Cheyenne , she couldn't walk down with me. God, I hope none of you have to feel what we felt today.
We, Barb & I don't have kids of our own, so our dogs are like our children.
below find a picture of "CHEYENNE GAMBLER LITTLE" My best friend.
Thank You


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