Tube guitar amplifier choices!!!

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Hey everyone,
I don't know why but it's STILL 100 degrees here in the mid-west, with no rain, and I'd like to know why!?!?!

My actual question is for all you gee-tar pickers out there. I read and read and read about different amps...I've purchased from stores, individuals and Amazon and have yet to be satisfied. I only play in church and small gatherings so mega-watts is not my need. I'm looking for a true 2-channel tube amp with the simplest of controls. I don't want or need amp modeling, 6-reverbs and 40 SFX choices. I want 2-channels and few knobs to control volume and tone.

So, new model or old, and I would even accept a solid state amp if it REALLY had that smooth, dark, smokey tube sound that (I think) only comes from a tube amp. I'm also retired/disabled LE and my budget probably stops at about $300.00.

Any help? Have fun suggesting...I don't want to cause a fuss!

Thanks ahead of time!


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