almost bought one today

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went to a new shop today, heavily advertised place. saw a very, very nice rem. 552. i thought it was priced pretty high so i asked the guy what he could do on it, he quoted me the price on the tag, i told him i was hoping for a little better than that, he went to his computer and knocked twenty dollars off, i offered him 20 less than that, cash. he took the gun from my hand put it in the rack and didnt speak to me anymore. seemed fairly short tempered for a businessman.


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    Over-priced and poor service...doubt they will be in business long.
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    several years ago i went to a new gunstore on s main Pratt ks... wandered around looked at everything while the honcho just looked at me and kept on yakking with some buddy??...i had $2K cash in my pocket and looking to buy...after two full passes and not a word i left and have never been back
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    tax free weekend here in Miss. i ended up buying a vaquero 357 in bright stainless from a very small shop closed to the house. guy was glad to get my business.
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