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(told in the war story narrative)

So there we were 0200 dead asleep, when the alarm went out, ducks quacking madly outside. Woken I promptly armed myself with the trust 10/22 and went out to check the perimeter. Then I saw it, 40-50 of them, pounds that is, of raccoon. Two beady eyes looked at with that attitude of disdain for interrupting its supper as it tried to scamper up the tree. I raised my rifle and fired as it moved, two shots and I wounded the meanie, I decided to out flank the meanie so I could bring a better field O fire on the critter which meant breaking contact temporarily loosing sight I was unsure of where the enemy was.

Knowing it didn't go far I looked at the top of the tree and noticed a fuzzy little grey patch, I aimed carefully and fired one more pissing it off even more, sadly for the critter it turned around and glared at me, with its two eyes glowing in my crosshairs I lined up on the right one and fire one last volley..... The raccoon is now sleeping....


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