Mossberg Flex MVP Scope Mounting ?

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It comes with what they call a picatinny rail ? Does anyone know if Leupold scope rings will fit this kind of rail system? Maybe there are any other recommendations. I do not care for weaver style rings.
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    Warne rings will fit. They are a bit of a pain to assemble, but are working well on my 34mm Bushnell TE 3.5-21 on a 300 Weatherby.
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    Burris Z-rings
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    It will take the Leupold rings that are meant for the Weaver style base...the QRW model, I believe. The question is a little bit vague, as Leupold makes rings to fit several different style bases.

    I suggest that you get used to the rings that mount on the Weaver style base, and Weaver themselves, make several different style rings that mount on them. I personally don't like the ones with the screws only on one side. I have seen novices that believe scope mounting is plug-n-play, destroy good scope tubes with them.

    The Weaver Quad Lock rings are a good less expensive alternative.
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