Hi-Standard 22 mag

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what would make a derringer not fire the round in the top barrel, what can I do to fix this? it makes a SMALL indention on the rim but then you put that same round in the lower barrel it will fire


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    Had one of the H-S mag deringers, with the same problem, i.e. inconsistent ignition in one barrel. Switching to Federal .22 Mag ammo solved the problem.

    I believe that either the primeing compound is more sensitive, or the the rim of the brass shell casing is thinner or softer on the Federal ammo?
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    Check the latch that locks the barrels closed. it might be loose and let the action open slightly or chamber could be PEENED from dry firing .It is no enough to Hit the rim on a 22 mag it must pinch the rim. so the round needs to be fully chambered "clean chamber" and it can't be peened away at the point where the firing pin hits the rim.
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