SKS ammo?

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Will a SKS fire a .308 round safely and effectively ?


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    NO! They are designed to shoot 7.62x39 ONLY.
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    The .308 is MUCH to powerful, It is also too long to chamber, and the bullet is too small (.308 vs .311) Not even close.
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    A SKS won't even chamber a .308 as the round is 12mm to long.

    SKS =7.62x39mm
    308 =7.62x51mm

    Like the others have said the SKS rounds are .311 diameter and not .308.
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    IF your referring to the 'nam era story about the NVA/VC using found US ammo in their weapons, the 308Win/7.62NATO ammo can be "modified" to fire in a 7.62x54R chamber (the Nagant type rifles) by wrapping some string around the base of the US ammo. It's a single shot proposition, as the string is used to both center the round in the chamber AND to extract the spent case manually.
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    Why would you ask?????
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    To get an answer of course. Or maybe he didn't know. Or maybe he didn't have anything better to do. I could go on but I think I might have something better to do.[;)]
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    quote:Originally posted by duckhunter
    Why would you ask?????

    I've had ret. 'nam era marines tell me the same thing, so he's probably trying to get a real answer to what someone told him "they heard".
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    I always have heard that the the SKS round is very similar to the 308. I can see that it is but not similar enough to share a chamber by the one post by Nwcid.


    They are the same in one way but not in all ways. The replies have cleared this up. I have been told told this by some of the guys in my shooting club and they don't use 308 rounds in their 7.62x39s. So I needed a real answer from someone that knew some facts.

    Thanks Guys
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