Replacing the barrel extension on Remington 11-48

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My 11-48 Remington spits out the bolt handles and according to this article the problem is headspace at the barrel extension. (look down the article to gunsmithing the 11-48)Ive found both a new barrel extension and some of the lettered locking bolts. Does anyone know the procedure to repair this? Can anyone reccomend a manual with this in it? www.leeroysramblings.com/remington_1148_shotgun.html


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    I like Bubba's solution - drill hole in the handle and tie it to the trigger guard with fish line.

    I think that other problem(s) could be the source, weak/broken/gummed up detent spring, worn notch for the ball seat/lock into.

    added I would consider the fix of applying a shim to the bolt face a DIY project.
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    Hello Charliemeyer, I replaced the handle and have checked the retaining spring and ball tension and its good. After reading this article I looked at my barrel extension and can see that its beaten down about 1/32 of an inch.
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    This isn't something I would consider a DIY project. To much risk of damaging the barrel.

    Contact Mike Orlen to see if he does extension replacement.
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